A Few Words for You After the Election

So, I’m writing this blog post pre-election results but you will be reading it post-election results (if we indeed have a definitive result). Normally, I write on the Federalist papers on Wednesday but today I’m going to do something a bit different today since it will be the day after the election.

I’m sitting here, scratching my head and thinking: what’s the message all Americans will need to hear after the election? I’ve given you many of the messages I think are imperative to hear. My most recent post “Without a Standard, There Can Be No Liberty”, I discussed with you the most critical puzzle piece of our great republic: our Constitution. I’ve stepped through the Federalist papers (and will continue to), I’ve detailed liberty and what it actually means. I’ve explained why it’s important to have a government in the first place and so many other things. But the one constant through them all is a love of liberty.

Liberty is beautiful and it is rare so I love discussing it with you all. I keep harping on it’s rarity because, in America, we treat it as if it’s a given, a “right” and an entitlement and I want to remind everyone that it is not…and that it is truly a precious gift, never to be taken for granted.

Friends, very few people in world history have ever been able to reap liberty’s rewards so lavishly as those of us in America today.

So, what’s my message for you today, the day after the election (not knowing the results at the time of this writing)?

Be thankful.

That’s really it. If you woke up today knowing that liberty may be threatened and potentially destroyed by the administration that was elected last night—be thankful that you had liberty as long as you did. Most men have never even tasted a second of liberty. Be thankful that, even if the administration elected will launch an all out assault on liberty, it must do so at its own expense…fighting through the innumerable roadblocks our founders put in place to preserve liberty. Be thankful that, there is always hope while there are people who love liberty, cherish liberty, and have experienced liberty. Because friends, no one who has tasted of liberty will ever give it up without a fight.

And if you woke today knowing that liberty may have been given the smallest gift, the gift of time…be so thankful. God has given that gift of time. Be so overwhelmingly thankful for liberty that you will never again take it for granted. That you will never let your family, your children, your grandchildren, your friends, your co-workers, your state representatives, your acquaintances or anyone in your life take it for granted again. We came too close to losing it and we will never ever let that happen again.

In your thankfulness, remember that liberty takes work. It requires hard work to maintain and to retain and those of us who love it must do what we can with this gift of time to change this country and remind her of what she once was. In other words, we must simply remind her of how beautiful and rare liberty truly is, so that she never takes it for granted again.

No matter how you woke this morning (horrified or relieved), always be thankful. You woke up. You’ve been given life and for most of that life, you’ve been given liberty.

What a precious and rare gift. If only all Americans could simply stop with the anger, the complaining, the rioting, the protesting, and the unrest and for once, all agree that…no matter our station in life, no matter our wealth, privilege or lack thereof, we have so much to be thankful for.

Imagine how that simple realization could change everything.

God bless you all my friends, and God Bless America.

The Liberty Belle

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  1. The flame of Liberty will always live in my heart and soul and I will fight and support it till the end of my days!! God Bless You Child and may His Favor and Grace blanket you all the days of your life!! ♥

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