The Elephant in the Room: Voter Fraud

So, I suppose I should address the proverbial elephant in the room: voter fraud.

I’ve avoided the topic because I’m no expert nor do I really know the answer to the swirling conversations and questions concerning voter fraud.

Here’s what I do know, as both a political scientist and a human: mankind is corrupt.

Because mankind is corrupt, I don’t find any allegations of corruption to be very far-fetched. And that goes for both political sides. Those on the left spent four years working to undermine and de-legitimize President Trump’s presidency. They impeached him, they blamed him for election fraud and tampering, via Russia, and they continually proclaimed #NotMyPresident.

I have no problem saying that Republicans and the Trump administration were capable of cheating. Why? Because they’re human and humans cheat and cannot be trusted. So, the left had the right to question as they wanted and to do their due diligence of research and investigation.

Those of us who would consider ourselves more centrist or right leaning shouldn’t be so surprised that this is how the left handled the Trump election. It’s human nature; we have a hard time imagining that people can act and believe differently than us.

So, it should come as no surprise to the left that people on the right also question the legitimacy of an election that doesn’t go their way. Does anyone think that 150,000 new ballots could appear overnight without push back?

This is going to be a short post because my main point is this: people have just as much right to question the legitimacy of this election as on those on the left had to question the previous election.

If you notice, the media and social media is shutting down any and every claim to fraud in an unprecedented manor and with unprecedented vigor, when for the past four years fraud and election tampering is all they talked about. The hypocrisy is painful. If there is no fraud, then there is no fraud and looking into it can’t hurt anything. It doesn’t hurt to alleviate the concerns of almost 72 million Americans who feel the election was not fairly carried out.

If there is fraud, there is fraud and looking into it is again, worth it.

America is one of the few countries that enjoys peaceful transition of power—except for maybe this past election (and naturally, the Lincoln election which spurred the start of the Civil War). But for the past 4 years, 5 really, the media has been undermining the legitimacy of our elections—questioning the Trump election, questioning the electoral college, questioning questioning questioning.

So, it’s a bit hard for me to swallow that they suddenly care about about peaceful transition of power. I care about peaceful transition of power and most Americans likely care about peaceful transition of power, but the media who loves sensationalism and increased viewership, does not.

The media should let those on the right have their tantrum. Those on the right have just as much of a right to do so and those on the left did for the past four years. Why shut it down swiftly and completely? Why act like cheating and fraud can’t happen? As if humanity is not corrupt. Why throw people off air who even breathe the slightest hint of fraud and flag every tweet that mentions it? Did the left not do the same exact thing for four years? What’s the harm in letting people freely express their concerns, their doubts and the like?

Friends, that is what makes me more suspicious that anything else. If the media, the politicians and social media treated the right in the same way they treated the left after Trump won, then we may all reason that the right just doesn’t want to accept a loss and they are exercising their right to express that.

Suppressing it violently and vigorously as if mankind could never be corrupt and the left didn’t spend the last four years doing the exact same thingthat, that actually makes me, and should make all of us, take a second look.

If there is no fraud, no tampering and no cheating, in anyway—then there isn’t and investigation will only prove so.

My question is: since when has it become odd to think that humanity is capable of cheating and fraud?

Since when?

Apparently, since a week and a half ago. And that, my friends, is more troubling than anything else.

The Liberty Belle

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