Let’s Not Forget That We’re Americans

So, how is everyone?

We’re living in interesting times aren’t we? Times that most of us (if not all of us) have never experienced before. So, I’m going to diverge from my normal blog post topics to simply share my thoughts on what all is going on. I hope y’all don’t mind the variation.

America In A Time of Crisis

I want to help you guys see the good that may come from what seems to be so potentially bad. Yes, we have government power grabbing. Unfortunately, and based upon theory, this should come as no surprise. But it could be much worse. Just bear with me as I take you all on a bit of my own personal journey in response to all that has been happening.

I’m thinking about what all is going on, what has happened and what is likely to happen and I can’t help but think about America, as a country, and how truly blessed we are. No, we’re not a socialist country, nor or a communist country, nor even a parliamentary country. We’re not going to have a centralized well-oiled response to crisis quite like many other countries will, but isn’t that the beauty of it? We’re Americans. We don’t depend upon or expect government to fix everything. We depend on each other, on our friends, our communities, our churches.

And even if government does ultimately step in and try to fix everything, it’ll be with our permission. They can’t legitimately force us all to close down and stay in. No, we’ll choose to do so should they “mandate” it or even simply recommend it.

And that’s what’s key right? This is the time for us to really appreciate what we have, and who we are. We live in a country that is established on the fundamental liberal principles of individualism, liberty and personal property. These ideas are ingrained in our natures. And this is what I’m really wanting to emphasize today: we need to hold onto these ideas dearly so that we don’t come out on the other side of this having lost the preciousness of these ideas—-because it will be these ideas that allow us to get to the other side in the first place.

Some Practical Reality

Listen guys. I can’t say what to expect ahead. Unfortunately, during a crisis, all Constitutions (federal and state) are effectively put on hold. And I know that is hard to swallow. I’m not saying it is a good thing, but I am saying that it is a real thing.

We need to realize this. It’s important to go ahead and acknowledge the fact that in the following weeks, we may experience government power like we’ve never experienced before. We will likely see some form of martial law mandated at both the federal and state level. We may even see troops standing in the streets in a way we never have before. But we have to remember who’s in charge.

We need to remember that it is “we the people” that created the Constitution as a way to confine government, which means it has to be “we the people” who make sure the Constitution is re-instated as that confining supreme law once this “crisis” has passed. Otherwise, we will be left with a government far more powerful than we’ve ever had.

I have to remind myself. Government wants power. It just does. I don’t care who’s in office. So, the federal and state governments are going to grow in power. But, I’ve been thinking about how truly blessed we are that we aren’t sitting here today with a Hillary or Bernie in office. Really guys. Think about that?! Are we not so blessed?

The amount of power that our current president now possesses is truly unprecedented. Unfortunately, and based upon statistical facts, U.S. presidents are effectively dictators during a time of crisis. Just take a look at presidential power during any major crisis that America has walked through.

The other branches of government completely and totally defer to the President. What he wants, he gets. Much of this deference is due to the fact that WE demand that the other branches obey the president. We want a strong hand. And so, today, our president, for all intents and purposes holds the sword of a King, and the power of a dictator.

And yet, have you noticed, the people, the liberal media are demanding for more power, and more force, coming from this administration? As if they want a dictator? (Ha, that’s a funny thought. Maybe they do want a dictator, given the policies and candidates they’ve been pushing).


We may yet experience a temporary suspension of our liberties (and this is a risky thing, as many times those liberties may never be restored); but I have hope that, under this administration, once this crisis has passed, this nation will come out stronger than before. It is our job to remember the principles of freedom and the Constitution so that we can demand those Constitutional principles and our rights be restored. And I have hope they will be.


Because we are not sitting here, experiencing one of the worst potential (economic) crises America has ever experienced, under the rule of a self-proclaimed socialist or progressive. Get that. A few electoral votes different, and we’d be experiencing an entirely different approach to this crisis. This would be their day to effectively eliminate the Constitution and America as we know it and rebuild it into something entirely new.

Instead, we may still experience the complete suspension of the Constitution—- but afterwards, we get to help rebuild the country into something entirely old —- into what it once was! What a grand opportunity we have. Let’s not fret. Instead of letting the villains use the crisis to their advantage, let’s for once, use it to ours.

The Liberty Belle

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  1. I’m somewhat OK with giving up some freedoms temporarily if when the gov’t asks for them they can assure us they realize and acknowledge that, as you said We The People, are letting them "borrow" these freedoms. If they do not return these freedoms to the original owners then they have broken their oaths and should be fully ready to accept the consequences.

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