The Marxist Left’s End Goal? Destroy America

The utter lunacy that has taken hold of a decent number of American citizens is staggering. Take a look at this video and try not to cringe as police officers are forced to play literal dodgeball with the angry frothing protestors throwing random items at them as they stand around protecting a monument.

Watch the video the the left. The young woman, Lilith Sinclair, starts out by saying that she is an organizer in Portland who is not just working for the abolition of the militarized police state but also the abolition of the United States as we know it.

Take a moment and consider this young woman. What do you see? She’s standing at a microphone (access and a way to have her voice heard), holding her iPhone with her well-manicured finger nails, schnazzy glasses, and fashionably earthy outfit and jewelry.

She doesn’t see what is right in front of her very eyes. She’s enjoying the blessings of liberty from the United States—the country she wants to abolish. She has the freedom to speak openly and publicly about her hate and disdain for this country, because of the very values and rights the United States has given her.

The cognitive dissonance present in individuals like Lilith is heavy. They use the very riches this country has given them to berate, complain, and scream about destroying it. They don’t seem to realize that, in other countries, they wouldn’t be so lucky.

The dissonance doesn’t stop there though. These individuals scream about destroying the police and government, while at the same time demanding for more government, more government bailouts, more government regulation, and more government control.

Do they realize that the police are part of government. If government did not have an enforcement agent then all of their progressive demands for greater government would be unenforceable?

Destruction is the Goal

The point I want to make about this young woman, and the many she represents, is this: the healthy way to handle living in a place that you don’t like is to leave. So, if you hate your job, you work to find a new one that better suits you. If you hate your house, you work to find a new one that better suits you. It goes without saying, if you hate your state or country, you find one that better suits you.

Why is this not how people handle living in the United States then? Why don’t people like Lilith simply move? If America is such a racist, horrible country, then the reasonable conclusion would be this: “GET OUT”.

There are plenty of other countries whose ideals would mesh with their ideals beautifully. So then, why are they so set on fundamentally forcing this country to conform to their understanding of right and wrong?

Well friends, if you take their actions and words to the end of themselves you’ll come to realize that they don’t leave the U.S. because their drive has never been about living their ideals. Most of them couldn’t even tell you what their ideal are or how the U.S. is not conforming to them.

Their goal has always been destroying the ideals that America has long stood for. Those who hate this country can’t live in another one while knowing that ours still exists and that values such as hard work, liberty, the rule of law a solid understanding of right and wrong, personal responsibility, the nuclear family and a real love for Jesus/the Bible still exist.

So, it’s not about promoting ideals (most of them have none, or really couldn’t explain them if pressed) it’s about destroying ideals.

Resurgence of Radical Feminist Thought

A while back I wrote a few articles on feminism. I wrote about how feminism is really just Marxism in more sensual clothing, and I detailed just how radical feminist thought really is.

My goal was to show that extreme ideas such as eliminating gender and sex completely, destroying the family, abolishing capitalism, and engaging in all kind of sexual debauchery have been around for a long time. These are not new ideas, they are just now suddenly making it to the mainstream.


Because society has been primed for long enough, it is now ready for them. These ideas are not only acceptable but praised by many on the progressive left.

And do you know the one thing standing in the way of these progressives?


There are Marxist Liberals around the world who want to see their Marxist liberal utopia reign. Their philosophies have been largely adopted and praised in many other countries around the world but they aren’t satisfied with that. They must have complete control, which means destroying the one country whose backwards, outdated way of thinking/living continues to draw the masses, continues to dominate world politics and continues to stand as the prime source of evidence that their arguments are false.

So, that’s why they’d rather just abolish America. It’s not about setting up some new country they deem better. If you were to ask most of the people on the streets what their alternative or solution is, they’d have no reasonable or practical answer for you. Emotional rage only leads to irrational rage and that simply leads to the goal of destroying the object of their rage—with little thought of what to do once they’ve successfully destroyed the object of their rage.

What A Progressive Utopia Would Look Like

Unfortunately, there are those who do know what America would look like should they succeed in abolishing her as she is. America would be full of angry, self-righteous, miserable slaves.

Many individuals would disappear, while many of the angry self-righteous would be the ones to flap their lips and tell government officials of their “Christian” or “Racist” or “Bigoted” or “Gun owning” or “educated” neighbors. Anyone who opposed the new “equal” system would be eliminated.

And guess what? Those taking to the streets like Lilith, who want to destroy the United States as it is—all the while using their liberties to do so—would never have the “aha” moment. They’d lose all their liberties and live in wretched, depraved “equality” and feel justified and self-righteous in doing so. They’d see their opposition slowly eliminated and consider this elimination progress. It would never dawn on them that the very crimes against humanity they once railed against—the elimination, subjugation and oppression of one group of people in favor of another—would be the very thing their railings brought into being.

THAT, my friends, is what concerns me more than anything.

I shared an article on FB recently, entitled “Woke America is a Russian Novel”. The following quote about the men the author interviewed, who’d all been mistreated and ruined by the Russian Revolution, depicts the harrowing reality I just laid out. He says:

“The most striking thing about these men was not the suffering they had endured but the way they talked about it: These were the things that had to be done; Stalin was the right man at a difficult time. Anything that enabled them to retain their core beliefs. This was what I found most jarring, the cognitive dissonance, the inability to surrender an ideological commitment in the face of overwhelming evidence of that commitment’s illogic—including one’s own misery.”


As the author of the aforementioned article said, the beauty of freedom of thought is that we can challenge our own thoughts and our own ways of thinking to find out if we may, in fact, be wrong. The horror of a systemized controlled way of thinking is that you may never learn if you are wrong, and may spend your life living one way, never knowing you could have lived so much better.

The tragedy of many historical slaves and serfs was that many didn’t realize they even could be free. It wasn’t even in their realm of thinking.

Consider our kids today. They are being subjugated to one form of political thinking. They are no longer given the privilege of free thought. Free thought allows for individuals to know that there are always at least two sides to a debate, and you must study to find which side merits your support. Today, children are being told that conservative or American thought is hate. They are being taught to see anything remotely American as the enemy. This is not free thought, this is intentional training. It would take long or be hard to stoke the fires of brewing animosity. No wonder these individuals feel justified in killing and eliminating anyone who disagrees with them, all the while considering themselves to be the “good guys” and doing America a service.

This is why those of us who are still blessed enough to think for ourselves must fight to help others—yes, even those who seem too far gone—to think for themselves. Let them know that they don’t have to buy into everything they are told. No, they are not racist or bigoted for wanting to research the right’s beliefs or for wanting to think something good about America. Many of them, if they ever begin to question their beliefs, will run into the true monster this progressive Marxist campaign really is. They need a place to run to should they see the light and we need to be that place.

So, don’t get closed off in your own’t thinking. Always research, engage, debate and listen. Doing so with someone on left, no matter how painful, may help you realize just how weak their arguments are and how much truth and clarity you have to offer.

I’ll leave you with this free thought from George Washington.

“For if Men are to be precluded from offering their Sentiments on a matter, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences, that can invite the consideration of Mankind, reason is of no use to us; the freedom of Speech may be taken away, and, dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the Slaughter.

The Liberty Belle

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