A Challenge To Myself and Other Liberty Lovers

As many of you know, I believe law to be necessary for liberty to exist. So, I believe the Constitution, whether it be my state constitution or the federal constitution, to be incredibly important for maintaining and preserving liberty.

Again, don’t forget what I mean by this. We the people create government to protect us and our private property from each other…via the laws the government creates. We the people create a constitution to protect us and our private property from government. Make sense?

It’s really not all that complicated.

A Simple Challenge

Now, I’m going to challenge conservatives, libertarians and the like with something that may be a bit hard to hear, but I think it’s important. Not only is it important, it’s imperative if we want the government and Americans in general to take us seriously.

We claim to love the Constitution, and to want to keep the government accountable to the Constitution. If you’ve been reading my blog posts, you’ll have seen there is not much power that the government is given by the Constitution. Which is exactly the way it was supposed to be.

Since the founding, our government has slowly and increasingly grown its powers. At this point, almost every law the federal government passes is unconstitutional.

So, here’s my challenge—please keep in mind that I’m challenging myself as well. If we want others to take us seriously, to consider our calls to follow the Constitution valid, we need to be willing to call out all unconstitutional acts of Congress, Democrat and Republican.

You see, as Americans we shouldn’t align to a party, we should align to the Constitution. Otherwise, we’re hypocrites and Americans who don’t know who to believe will call us out for our bluff.

So, my challenge today is for all of us to take a hard look at the policies we do currently support and agree with. Why do we agree with the policy we choose to support? Is it because the laws are Republican or Conservative? Or because they align with the Constitution?

Take federal law making drugs illegal for an example. There is nowhere in the Constitution that the federal government is able to tell American citizens what they can or cannot purchase. And this is just one of many examples I could give.

Now, your personal beliefs may be set against drugs, and there is nothing wrong with that, but remember, there’s a reason the founders didn’t want the laws Congress passes to be based on people’s personal beliefs and whims. Those are subject to change at any moment.

No, Congress is given a very select few jobs to make laws about and any laws they make outside of the Constitution are arbitrary.

So, in today’s current environment when we’re all troubled by the extreme measures that governments are taking which violate and hinder our liberty, we need to make sure we’re not criticizing the government for violating the Constitution now, when we were earlier unwilling to do so—-when they passed an unconstitutional law that we liked.

This may be a bit hard to swallow for some but it is vital for Americans to grab hold of if we want to really preserve liberty. Imagine if we lived in a country where everyone fought to protect the Constitution and held the government accountable accordingly, rather than fought over party preferences.

How drastically would our country change?


Let’s be the first to step out and stand up for the Constitution, no matter what that means for our party alignments. That means taking a long hard look at our own selves. Where have we called out Democrat unconstitutional laws but stayed silent on Republican unconstitutional laws?

Let’s not stay silent anymore. Let’s learn our state and federal constitutions through and through and prove to all Americans that we aren’t here to fight for some Republican/Conservative or party agenda, we’re here to fight for the Constitution of the United States of America and for liberty.

The Liberty Belle

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