A Little Common Sense

Sometimes, as I’m watching all the news reports, reading all of the over-dramatic, fear-baiting news headlines about COVID, I can’t help but laugh. What if we treated all of life like we are treating COVID?

What if we nationally tracked the number of deaths and injuries due to car accidents every day? What if we kept a chart and slapped it into the mainstream media’s main news outlets, everyday? What if we showed all the increases, decreases and variation of car accident injuries and deaths among states and cities?

Or, what if we charted the number of deaths and the number infected with the flu every day, week, month and year and published that all over the news? Or perhaps, the news kept a running tally of those sick or dying of the common cold? The stomach bug or “norovirus”? Pink eye? MRSA?

How about the number of sickness or death due to obesity—which, btw is about 2.8 million worldwide a year. How about choking, falling in the shower or accidental poisoning? What about suicide or homicide? How about heart disease?

Seriously, if we started treating all sicknesses and potential risks in the same way we are treating the coronavirus, no one would ever want to do anything.

Friends, we live in a world where sickness and death have always been and will always be present. Always. Since when did regular Americans forget this?

An Agenda

The media and our politicians decide what issues are important and what issues they want Americans to feel are most pressing.

Frankly, I’ve never seen the media and politicians take and politicize something so intensely and so obviously as they have the coronavirus. It’s mind boggling to me.

What if the media treated the coronavirus with the same nonchalance they’ve treated the other threats to life? Would we all be wearing masks and complying with our state governments to shut half of the economy down and then re-open it and then shut it down again?

Likely not!

We’re going with the media and government’s narrative as if it’s a given, as if we have no say or choice in the matter. As if we don’t have minds of our own. Since when have Americans been so easily manipulated?

It’s truly fascinating for me to watch the media manipulate and control at their whim—simply by stirring up fear. But what is even more fascinating to me is the reality that they could have been doing that all along. They’ve had plenty of material to use. They could be stirring up fear and eating up power by using any single one of the issues I’ve mentioned above, and yet they never have.

And that is what concerns me more than anything. The media and politicians see something, a weakness, a dullness, in the American public that gives them the liberty to abuse the American psyche in this way. Because, really, what is so special about the coronavirus?


And this is what irks me about this whole coronavirus situation. People are getting sick and, tragically, some people are dying (although, thankfully, we’re entering into our eleventh consecutive week of the number of deaths decreasing every week); but this happens all the time. Why haven’t the media talked about the millions of people a year who die of obesity or heart disease? Why are we not keeping a daily, running tally of these threats and shutting down places that serve unhealthy food?

Because, friends, it does not fit their agenda. If it did, they would take and use it. The media and politicians have plenty of stories and issues to report on or worry about, but intentionally only pick a few.

And perhaps that is what is so wicked, so underhanded, about the media and our politicians. While they do tell outright lies, they still couch those lies in enough truth—with their own twist and intentional use—that the mentally lazy American citizens who refuse to do their own research, or use common sense—go with their agenda and their lies.

Why are our governments suddenly so concerned about our well-being and health? Clearly, based on the statistics above, there were plenty of other threats to our health and wellbeing that our political leaders could have latched on to if they were truly concerned about our health and well-being.

Common sense says: our politicians do not truly care about us. They care about fundamentally changing America and taking power for themselves.

So, why do we keep believing them and acting like they do care about us?

It’s just common sense, people. Common sense.


I think what is so tragic about this entire coronavirus/riots apocolypse that we have been watching unfold before us is that it has exposed just how mentally lazy American citizens actually are. They just don’t care if they are being lied to anymore. They don’t care what common sense or logic may tell them. They are quite content not being free and letting government do everything for them.

I want to grab America by the shirt-collar and shake her out of her stupor. What is wrong? Does she no longer love and cherish liberty? Is liberty not worth the little bit of effort that common sense requires of the mind?

America’s response to this whole coronapocalypse is exposing a lot about her frame of mind and state of being. It also lets me know just how much more Americans need to be exposed to the simplicity of what real liberty requires of them, and what happens when real liberty is lost.

Sure. Government taking care of them may sound nice now, but have they considered the quality of life they’d be living in a world where we’re all “equally” cared for by government? Likely not.

Friends and readers of The Liberty Belle. You and I have a job to do. Our job is to wake America up. Our job is to promote common sense. Our job is to never tolerate mental dullness or laziness in ourselves or our fellow countrymen.


Because liberty deserves more than that.

The Liberty Belle

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