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How Would the Founders Handle the Coronavirus? Four Points

Read this quote from a recent Bloomberg article: “Would George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, or Thomas Jefferson wear facemasks? Would they have closed down American society, abrogating all constitutional rights and freedoms out of fear of a pandemic?” It’s a fascinating question and one that I’m thrilled Americans are still asking. It’s a unique American trait …

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The Solution to Election Fraud? Apparently, Ignore It

Try something. Type “election fraud and the courts” into google and see what you find. You’ll see a bunch of articles discussing a bunch of attempted court cases to review the legitimacy of the past election. You’ll see that almost every single one of these appeals was shot down by the courts. In fact, of …

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COVID Relief Bill: Hold the Correct Government Responsible

Before reading further, I challenge everyone to go take a look at the new COVID relief bill I reference here. Here’s the link. It’s 5,593 pages long, so good luck reading the whole thing. It’s astonishing to me how flippant our legislators have become when writing law. Law is no small things. It’s law. It’s …

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The Courts, the Coronavirus and the Election

Have you noticed how significant the courts have been to politics recently? It seems like every major political issue hinges on either the Court or courts. (By Court, I mean the Supreme Court, courts means all other federal or state courts along with the Supreme Court.) The Constitutionality of coronavirus lockdowns? The courts. The legitimacy …

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Everyone Is Guilty

I came across an article today, entitled “Committee Recommends Changing Name Of Abraham Lincoln High School Because He Allegedly Didn’t Prove Black Lives Matter”. I don’t usually venture into the social/racial sphere of things, but when I read this, something snapped in me and I knew I had to take to the keyboard.

The article’s second paragraph says, “Lincoln is among dozens of figures who the school district renaming committee argues led a life filled with racism and therefore shouldn’t be on a school building, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.”

When I read that, I was struck by something, a realization, a fascinating realization. This realization is what I’m going to share with you today. Click to read more.

Three Kinds of “Rights”

The idea of a “right” is just that, an idea.

So, political scientists and philosophers have created, defined and re-defined what they see as three categories of “rights”. I’m not going to get into a discussion about my own thoughts about these “rights” so much as arm you with some critical information about these rights so that you can understand and grasp what America is dealing with today. Click to read more.

Pathogen Path to Power

I want to have a bit of fun today and use fiction to commentate on the experiences we’re currently walking through. I came across an article entitled, “America’s New Normal—Silent, Obedient Consent”. In this article the author references the movie, V for Vendetta. I’ve seen the movie once or twice, but as a teenager watching it, I didn’t really understand what was going on or the message conveyed. I find, upon refreshing my memory, that this movie is more relevant today than it was at is release. Click and enjoy.

COVID Regulations Enforcement: Silent Civil Disobedience

I’ll be honest, I did not anticipate or hope to be writing about the coronavirus at this point in the year. Then again, did any of us? We were told, “Oh, it’s a three week stint”, which soon became a “three month stint” and then eventually became…”Who knows…we kinda like this power, we may just need to lockdown forever”. So, here we are again, with U.S. states and countries around the world locking down harder, yet again. The question has been and always will be: are these regulations actually enforced or enforceable? Click to read more.

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