McCulloch vs. Maryland: Formless Constitutional Limitations

The sticky relationship between the federal government and the state governments of the United States has waxed and waned over the centuries. However, one Supreme Court case set the baseline for federal power over the states: McCulloch v. Maryland in 1819.  I’m going detail many different Supreme Court cases throughout history, but the precedent set …

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Federalist 51: Ambition Must Be Made to Counteract Ambition

I’ve written an article on this topic once already, but in the middle of increasing concern about a potential Biden/Harris presidency, I want to remind you of the ingenious way Madison structured the government to prevent tyranny. That’s not to say that if Biden/Harris take office, liberty won’t be in grave danger or even egregiously violated, but that America is built in such a way that no matter how much people in government may want to change that government, they will be met with resistance from every facet of government and society. Click to read more.

The Constitution for Dummies: Article 5

The U.S. Constitution was written in 1787 and formally ratified in 1789, that’s around 230 years ago. The world and this country have changed dramatically since then. While there are many aspects to the American government and the U.S. citizenry that have changed, there is one constant:

We still need something to protect us and our private property from government.

For 231 years, that something has been the Constitution. Click to read more.

Five Simple Actions You Can Do to Preserve Liberty

When I give talks, I usually highlight the gross difference between current government action and what the Constitution says government can do. This leaves my listeners enlightened in ways they had previously been in the dark, but also leaves them asking the following question:

“Given that the government violates the Constitution so egregiously, what can we actually do about it?”

So, within my knowledge of human nature, history, and my expertise in politics, I’ve come up with five actionable steps Americans can take to help preserve liberty.

COVID Regulations Enforcement: Silent Civil Disobedience

I’ll be honest, I did not anticipate or hope to be writing about the coronavirus at this point in the year. Then again, did any of us? We were told, “Oh, it’s a three week stint”, which soon became a “three month stint” and then eventually became…”Who knows…we kinda like this power, we may just need to lockdown forever”. So, here we are again, with U.S. states and countries around the world locking down harder, yet again. The question has been and always will be: are these regulations actually enforced or enforceable? Click to read more.

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