The Amendments Series

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The Amendments Series: The 17th Amendment

We are in an interesting point in U.S. history and the U.S. Senate, one of the most powerful government institutions, plays a critical role. Therefore, I believe it to be advantageous to discuss the 17th Amendment, the only amendment in American history to change or restructure Congress. The Amendment The Senate of the United States …

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The Amendments Series: Amending the Constitution

I’ve just spent the past thirteen weeks writing about and exploring the significance of the Bill of Rights. I’ve learned much and I hope you have as well. I figured now would be a good time to take a moment and consider how the U.S. Constitution allows for any new amendments to the Constitution. So, let’s take a moment to look at what Article V of the Constitution says. Click to read further.

The Amendments Series: No Cruel or Unusual Punishment

The Eighth Amendment is one of those amendments that really spoils all those police shows we love to watch where the hero officer finally gets the bad guy and the bad guy just will not tell the hero officer where the kidnapped little girl is. And so, you always know, when the officer closes the door to that holding cell, or asks his partner to step out, he’s going to be inflicting some kind of cruel or unusual punishment on the perpetrator to illicit the ever so needed information. And who are we usually rooting for in this scenario?

Well, of course, the hero officer! Perhaps it’s time we step back for a moment and digest just how unhappy we would be if we were the perpetrator getting our rights violated. We need to remember and appreciate the Eighth Amendment. Click to read more.

The Amendments Series: Search and Seizure

We seem to have reached a point in America, where, we all know and realize that government is looking at our info and tracking us, and we’re all just living life as normal. I don’t think most people live their lives thinking that their personal property, their castles, are being violated constantly. But maybe we should. The Fourth Amendment should not relegated to the background behind the other amendments. Private property and its defense is what the nation was built upon. Click to read further.

The Amendments Series: The Right to Bear Arms

When discussing the concept of “rights” with any conservative, or right leaning individual, I find that the one “right” that engenders the most passion and fervor is the right to “keep and bear arms”. Why is that? I think a little historical context and a slight exposition on what the Second Amendment means and the reason why we even have the Second Amendment in the first place, is needed. Click to read further.

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