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McCulloch vs. Maryland: Formless Constitutional Limitations

The sticky relationship between the federal government and the state governments of the United States has waxed and waned over the centuries. However, one Supreme Court case set the baseline for federal power over the states: McCulloch v. Maryland in 1819.  I’m going detail many different Supreme Court cases throughout history, but the precedent set …

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Without a Standard, There Can Be No Liberty

Well, friends. It’s here. The fateful election day is a mere day away. So, I’m going to use today’s post to simply share my thoughts about this election.

As you know, my goal with The Liberty Belle has not been to push a partisan agenda or a certain political ideology on people. No, my goal, more than anything, is to help educate Americans about the Constitution, the American government, the founders and the founding. I’m not going to write and campaign for candidates or campaign against candidates. I think the Democrats have some valid points to make about our government and the Republicans have some valid points to make about our government. However, I have a hard time buying any of what they say since they all disregard the one thing I hold in highest regard: The Constitution of the United States.

So, this election was particularly hard for me. Click to read more.

Liberty Means Responsibility

Friends, liberty must first live in the hearts of the people before it can reside in the chambers of government. Consider: what if we do re-establish the supremacy of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and liberty at the government level? Does this guarantee liberty? No. It does nothing if liberty is not firmly established, practiced and embraced at the individual level. Click to read more.

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