Theory and the Framers

Liberty Worth Fighting For

It’s almost the 4th of July and we need to talk about liberty.

In this post, I’m simply recognizing, publicly, that there are many in the United States and in the world, who do not truly want liberty. They want license, but not liberty.

I’d encourage my readers to acknowledge and accept this truth as well.

A Reminder From Tocqueville: Why We Love America

I’m taking today to remind everyone what it really means to be an American. Sometimes we have to stop and remind ourselves why we love this country so much. And who better to help remind us than Alexis de Tocqueville? I’m going to let you see America through his eyes today. Read what he said about this country and reflect on what still exists of the value he saw. Then consider if we can restore what has been lost. Click to read further.

Nathan Hale: The Heart of America

I have finished the founders series and will be moving on to a short series on the Federalists papers, but today, I wanted to write a short homage to the young patriot, Nathan Hale. Not for his sake, but for the sake of Americans today.

Because, believe me, we have much we could learn from this young man. While our founders were critical to producing this great nation, it is the young men like Nathan Hale who fought to make it possible. They believed in America’s cause. They believed in the cause of liberty. Click to read further.

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Limitless Power Is Liberty’s Mortal Enemy

The more I research and study, the more I’ve come to realize something. Liberty thrives under only one condition: limited power. All power, even if it’s used for “good”, is a threat to liberty if it’s unrestrained. Consider the monarch’s of Great Britain. Not every monarch used their limitless, arbitrary power for pure evil. Some …

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Liberty Balances the Fine Line Between Anarchy and Tyranny

“Give all the power to the many, they will oppress the few. Give all the power to the few, they will oppress the many. ” – ALEXANDER HAMILTON I’m listening to a biography of Alexander Hamilton right now, (which is fascinating btw; click here if you’re interested in getting the book for yourself.) and I love …

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Liberty Means Responsibility

Friends, liberty must first live in the hearts of the people before it can reside in the chambers of government. Consider: what if we do re-establish the supremacy of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and liberty at the government level? Does this guarantee liberty? No. It does nothing if liberty is not firmly established, practiced and embraced at the individual level. Click to read more.

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