Theory and the Framers

Federalist 25: A Standing Army

In this midst of internal turmoil in the United States and the always looming threat from external enemies around the world, many Americans would balk at the idea of eliminating the standing military of the United States. While some in the country would advocate for less military spending, even they would have to agree that it would be foolish for America to completely rid themselves of the military altogether and rely solely on the armed citizenry of each state. But this was not always the case. Click to read further.

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Judicial Review: A Power ALL Three Branches Share

The phrase, “ambition must be made to counteract ambition” is the bedrock of the American government. It’s the premise upon which the founders structured the government to protect the country from having to face down a tyrannical government. Government was to be broken apart into so many different departments with so many different heads of …

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The Constitutional Role of the Sheriff

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. In the United States, those elected to any political office–whether law making, law enforcing or law applying–are all required to swear an oath to protect, support or defend The Constitution of the United States and/or the Constitution of the respective state. This is unique in world …

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Federalist 51: Ambition Must Be Made to Counteract Ambition

I’ve written an article on this topic once already, but in the middle of increasing concern about a potential Biden/Harris presidency, I want to remind you of the ingenious way Madison structured the government to prevent tyranny. That’s not to say that if Biden/Harris take office, liberty won’t be in grave danger or even egregiously violated, but that America is built in such a way that no matter how much people in government may want to change that government, they will be met with resistance from every facet of government and society. Click to read more.

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The Revolving Door of Revolution

This is a repost but the subject and ramifications of “revolution” are something I’ve come to realize are imperative for my students to understand. However, it’s not just my students who need to understand it…every American ought to understand it. Thus, without further ado…Have you ever thought about what “revolution” truly means? It seems to …

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