Theory and the Framers

Liberty Means Responsibility

Friends, liberty must first live in the hearts of the people before it can reside in the chambers of government. Consider: what if we do re-establish the supremacy of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and liberty at the government level? Does this guarantee liberty? No. It does nothing if liberty is not firmly established, practiced and embraced at the individual level. Click to read more.

Federalist 70: How to Assess the Performance of a President

I want to clear up a common, and highly destructive, American misunderstanding about the president.

To start, take a moment and answer the following questions or yourself:

  1. What factors do you consider when judging whether a not a president has done a good job?

  2. What factors do you consider when you decide which presidential candidate to vote for?

  3. When the presidential candidates campaign, what kinds of issues do they talk about and what kinds of issues do people want them to talk about?

Thought about your answers? Good. Now let’s talk about it. Click to read further.

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Employer (The People), Employee (The Government) and Job Description (The Constitution)

“In the eyes of democracy, government is not a good; it is a necessary evil” (194). “This is seen very clearly in the United States, where wages seem in a way to decrease as the power of officials is greater” (204).  – Alexis de Tocqueville An analogy has been crystalizing in my mind the more I …

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Limitless Power Is Liberty’s Mortal Enemy

The more I research and study, the more I’ve come to realize something. Liberty thrives under only one condition: limited power. All power, even if it’s used for “good”, is a threat to liberty if it’s unrestrained. Consider the monarch’s of Great Britain. Not every monarch used their limitless, arbitrary power for pure evil. Some …

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Federalist 10: Liberty Is to Faction What Air Is to Fire

I’m still digesting, and frankly, reeling a bit from, some of the things I’m seeing today: the execution of a Trump supporter (more on that in the next article) to guillotines in front of the White House and Jeff Bezos’s house, to mobs attacking couples and individuals as they left the Republican National Convention. All of these are mere displays of what Madison feared and wanted to avoid. He knew the volatility of human nature, the irrationality of factions, and the dangers of mob rule. I’ve always known what he said was true (based on history), but have never been more confident in his reasonings as I am today.

You will find much of what he says, the issues he was facing in his day, very familiar to what we are facing today. Gear up, there’s a lot of Madison language here. Read it all… it’s worth it.

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The Constitutional Role of the Sheriff

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. In the United States, those elected to any political office–whether law making, law enforcing or law applying–are all required to swear an oath to protect, support or defend The Constitution of the United States and/or the Constitution of the respective state. This is unique in world …

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