Theory and the Framers

Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders

I figured I’d use today to give y’all a little civics lesson about presidential proclamations and executive orders, especially since our current president just used an executive order to establish Christmas Eve a national holiday this year. Before I start though, if you are interested in researching all presidential proclamations for yourself, you can click …

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What Is YOUR Theory?

My Wednesday posts typically revolve around theory in some form or fashion. Today, though, I don’t want to talk about my theory or the theory of our founders or the liberal philosophers before them. Today, I want to talk about YOUR theory.

What is your theory? Click to read more.

Thanksgiving Is the Enemy of Discontent and Dissatisfaction

I’ve noticed a trend. People are starting to call Thanksgiving, “Friendsgiving”. I’m not really sure what the name is supposed to imply—that friends give each other things?—but it certainly does not carry with it the same connotations that the word “Thanksgiving” carries with it.

My question is, why would we want to take out the word “thanks” from “Thanksgiving”? What’s wrong with the word “thanks”? Is it offensive? How can a word as simple as “thanks” be considered politicly incorrect? Click to read more.

Federalist 37: The Real Wonder That So Many Difficulties Were Surmounted

If you haven’t read Federalist 37, go read it now, even before you read my post. It is brilliant, enlightening and sobering. It details the reality of the difficulties our founders faced when establishing our great nation. Something so few people seem to appreciate now.

So, buckle up and get your reading cap on, this is going to be a longer read with a lot of Madisonian language—-I prefer his language to mine, so I feed you plenty of it. Click to read further.

Liberty Is to Faction What Air Is to Fire

I’ll start the normal, Federalist/Constitution posts again in time but right now, given everything that has transpired over the past week, I’m using these posts to give a little commentary. Today is Veteran’s Day, so let’s honor our veterans by remembering their sacrifice and remembering that the liberty they fought for does not equal unity. In fact, liberty can never equal unity. Click to read more.

A Few Words for You After the Election

Liberty is beautiful and it is rare so I love discussing it with you all. I keep harping on it’s rarity because, in America, we treat it as if it’s a given, a “right” and an entitlement. I want to remind everyone that it is not…and that it is truly a precious gift, never to be taken for granted.

Friends, very few people in world history have ever been able to reap liberty’s rewards so lavishly as those of us in America today.

So, what’s my message for you today, the day after the election (not knowing the results at the time of this writing)? Click to find out.

Federalist 68: The Mode of Electing the President

As we enter the final week before the 2020 elections, it seems Americans can think of little else. Given this and given that people are also concerned about the method of electing the president (the electoral college), I thought it a good time to discuss what the Constitution’s authors had to say on the topic.

The United States truly does have one of the most unique and important modes of elections in the world. In fact, the Federalists and supporters of the Constitution were more concerned about the mode of electing the president than even the powers of the president himself, for if the citizenry considers the mode illegitimate, no matter what the president does, he and his powers will be considered illegitimate.

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