COVID Relief Bill: Hold the Correct Government Responsible

Before reading further, I challenge everyone to go take a look at the new COVID relief bill I reference here. Here’s the link. It’s 5,593 pages long, so good luck reading the whole thing. It’s astonishing to me how flippant our legislators have become when writing law.

Law is no small things. It’s law. It’s the reason for government in the first place. We have government because we need someone to create and enforce laws so that humanity doesn’t devolve into total chaos and anarchy.

Here’s thing though. Our country was created with governments confined by “realms” or “spheres of power”.

In other words, each government operates within its realm of power and stays out of other government’s realms of power.

Put simply:

  1. The federal government writes laws according to what the federal Constitution dictates it has power over. State issues and state laws are not within its realm.
  2. State governments write laws according to what their state Constitutions dictate they have power over. Federal issues and federal laws are not within their realm.

The founders were very intentional when setting up the governments in this way. Liberty is safer when protected by multiple layers of government.

Specifically, the states were left with most of the power. State governments are more acquainted with their citizens and communities. They know their needs, their problems, their failures and successes. The federal government cannot know these details about the entire country’s citizens and communities.

So, state governments are given the responsibility of handling crime, poverty, education, marriage, businesses, catastrophes, and sickness etc within their state.

In other words, if the state’s economy is struggling, it’s the state government’s job to figure out what’s wrong and what to do (within the state Constitutions limitations). If education is lacking, it’s the state government’s job to address the situation.

State governments must clean up their own messes; the founders never intended for them to look to the federal government to bail them out. The more reliant they become on the federal government, the less reliant they become on themselves. State governments become subservient and dependent on the federal government, making the federal government increasingly superior to the state governments.

I say all of this in order to build to the punchline of this article.


We’re watching the federal government squabble about another unconstitutional “stimulus” package to help the struggling Americans who’ve lost jobs as a result of the coronavirus lock-downs.

In other words, the federal government is bailing out citizens who are financially struggling because of state government lock downs.

Get that?

This is not the federal government bailing out citizens who have been forced, by federal mandates, to close businesses and the like.


This is state governments over-regulating private individuals and allowing the federal government to take the responsibility for it. Who should be taking responsibility?

The state governments.

Instead, the state governments are happy to allow the federal government to grow in power and take on unconstitutional powers in order to solve the problems started by the state governments themselves .

This my friends, is not ok.

We should not be whining to the federal government to fix problems that the state governments started in their realms of power.

It confuses me why no one seems to recognize that the federal government is taking responsibility for state government behavior and the state governments are able to sneak by scott-free.

It’s our state and local government’s job to handle the repercussions of their own mandates, their own laws and we should remind them of such. Otherwise, we’re merely enabling their addiction to federal power and allowing them to shirk responsibility for their own actions.

Keep this critical point in mind as your watch how the federal government and state governments react and handle this “pandemic” and don’t ever let any government act without taking responsibility for their actions.

The Liberty Belle

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