Five Simple Actions You Can Do to Preserve Liberty

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When I give talks, I usually highlight the gross difference between current government action and what the Constitution says government can do. This leaves my listeners enlightened in ways they had previously been in the dark, but also leaves them asking the following question:

“Given that the government violates the Constitution so egregiously, what can we actually do about it?”

I’ll be frank. There aren’t many good answers to this question. I wrote an article not long ago detailing a few things that we can do, but beyond that, I’ve not traversed too frequently into the political action realm (aside from encouraging people to vote), but today I’m going to give you a few actionable tips that you can take if you want to personally fight for liberty.

Now, I’m a millennial, which means that I haven’t lived as long as many others and therefore I have less direct experience to draw upon. This means I much rely more upon knowledge and study of history rather than personal experience. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as much as it is merely a real thing.

So, within my knowledge of human nature, history, and my expertise in politics, I’ve come up with five actionable steps Americans can take to help preserve liberty.

One: Impart Your Love of Liberty to Your Kids

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This is perhaps the most simple but important choice you can make in the fight for liberty. Liberty is lost when there is no one to fight for it. Many in my generation and in generations below me don’t even know what real liberty is. However, there is a remnant of young adults who still adhere to and cherish liberty. As long as there are people in the United States that cherish liberty, there will always be hope. The best way to make sure there are people in the United States who cherish liberty is to impart our appreciation for it, and our knowledge of it, to our children and grandchildren.

Two: Complain Against the Correct Adversary

I commonly hear people complain that this or that store made them wear a mask, or that a business forced them to walk a certain direction down certain aisles, along with a variety of other complaints. While I empathize, I want to help turn our attention away from the businesses and on to government.

In other words, businesses can do what they want. In fact, isn’t that what is so frustrating about the businesses having to close or force social distancing? They no longer have a choice in the matter. That’s the key point, businesses are just as much victims to arbitrary power as we, as individuals, are. Most of these businesses have no choice in the matter and may, in fact, be punished for our unwillingness to comply with the standards they are forced to force upon us while shopping there. Complaining about the businesses does nothing.

Complaining about government with arbitrary power? That means everything.

We need to take the fight to real source of the problem: government.

Three: Replace Partisan Rhetoric With Constitutional Education

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Now we all fall victim to this at times. It’s easy to get caught up in partisan rhetoric, to feel as if your party is the only party and that the opposing party is the enemy and destroying the country. Both parties do it. It’s an age old mobilization technique. Get people to feel as if they are in a fight with an enemy and they are more likely to take action.

The problem is, when we resort to party politics (and I myself am guilty of this) we throw out any chance of helping those who don’t agree with us to hear and listen to aspects of our argument that are not overtly partisan and critical for people to hear—most importantly, aspects of our arguments that have to with the Constitution. By claiming our party is flawless and far superior to the opposing party, we cripple our ability to call our own party out for violating the Constitution when the ability to do is critical.

I’ll just give one example. People on the political right are currently up in arms about an oppressive police force closing down private businesses and arresting citizens for not wearing a mask. Those on the right complain about the growing, dictatorial power of the police.

Likewise, on the political left, people are protesting and fighting against an oppressive police that violates rights via unwarranted search and seizures, no knock warrants, unjustified frisks and the like—particularly aimed at minorities. Those on the left complain about the growing, dictatorial power of the police.

So, BOTH those on the political right AND left are complaining about the same thing: an oppressive police force that is acting unconstitutionally. And yet, those of the right mock and deride the left for their concerns while those on the left applaud the police for doing what infuriates the right.

What neither side recognizes, or perhaps is unwilling to recognize, is that both of these problems can be solved by the same thing: following the Constitution.

We must change our language and arguments to encompass all Americans because we all share in the need to be protected from government by the Constitution.

Four: Write/Call/Approach Local Politicians and Law Enforcement

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How many of us truly capitalize on the incredible access we have to local politicians and local law enforcement?

Likely few to none of us. This simple action can change so much. Local politicians are the politicians that make the policies that most affect our daily lives, our cities, our towns, our local parks, our local businesses and the like. What if a strong contingency of well informed Constitutionalists made their presence known to the local politicians and local law enforcement, reminding them of their job and who they must serve and punishing them if they do not do as the Constitution directs?

What if?

This is something you can do!

Five: Stock Up On Guns

One of the key reasons this country is rarely ever invaded on the mainland is this: Americans have guns, a LOT of guns. There are about 393 million guns in the U.S. citizenry right now, making the U.S. the leader of gun ownership in the world. It’s no surprise that countries are reticent to try anything against the U.S., but it’s also no wonder the U.S. government is reticent to strip liberties too quickly. An armed citizenry is a dangerous citizenry and one that external and internal threats must consider before doing anything drastic.

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Though owning a gun does not change politics directly, it increases the collective strength of the citizenry while also protecting you individually should external or internal threats decide to take that drastic step. It is both a preventative step and, if necessary, a useful active step should prevention fail.


These actions are simple but effective and if all Americans were to start applying them to their daily lives, we’d see a dramatic change in this country.

Even Mark Twain recognized the value of active citizenship in our American Republic when he said:

“Citizenship is what makes a republic – monarchies can get along without it.”

Indeed, let’s make our republic.

The Liberty Belle

1 thought on “Five Simple Actions You Can Do to Preserve Liberty”

  1. I truly enjoyed reading your latest column entitled "Five Simple Actions….."

    I would suggest however that besides acquiring a good knowledge of the Constitution I would suggest anyone wanting to understand where the opposing views derive to try studying human nature. Conservatism was blessed with a strong dose of this by Hamilton, Jay and Madison’s "Federalist papers". You may even find some of this fascination for examining human nature evidenced in my writings.

    When I was younger I had the same zeal and fire that many on the right including Ms. McMasters have today to fight the left and their views. In fact I agree with much that you still say but our methods differ. I have found I don’t believe anyone with opposing views are my enemies, traitors, unamerican, nor evil. There is no apocalyptic Flight 93 and most of the eschatological alarmism is rhetoric made up by people who want to cause chaos but will stand back and watch from a distance without getting injured themselves. Which brings me to point #5 .

    While as a Conservative I wholeheartedly support the Second amendment I don’t see any need on stocking up on weapons it only invites trouble. First off in todays society it is moronic to believe that the government is going to be influenced or intimidated by an armed citizen or group. It didn’t intimidate the Wisconsin legislators when armed gunmen took over their capital this past year. The 2020 election officials weren’t intimidated by death threats or armed protesters outside their homes. I have found out that if you attempt any actions you will immediately be classified a home grown terrorist like Timothy McVey you and your group will be put on the terrorist / hate group list investigated and hunted like the group who plotted to kidnap and kill the Governor of Michigan. Thinking otherwise may sound patriotic and adventurist but the fact is it’s subject to failure and disgrace. Name me one group in the past 50 or 60 years that accomplished a successful armed conflict with the government be it state or federal. It didn’t for Patty Hurst group in the 70’s , it didn’t for the Black Panthers , it didn’t for Ruby Ridge. It is a known fact it doesn’t work why do you think they want to "Defund the Police"?

    If you have a compliant fight it within the system if you really believe in the Constitution that’s why it’s there with it’s checks and balances. Fight it in courts , organize protest but peaceful protest. It worked for the Civil rights fight, for the anti Vietnam war fight for Gay rights. Don’t be used by rhetoric of grifters who push buttons on the American psyche by throwing out countless conflicting stories, accusations, and lies until you doubt reality. Don’t believe in strongmen who promise that "I alone can fix it’ or "I am the only one defending you from them". They will use you and move on when they don’t need you any more and you will be left alone manning the barricade. Doubt me? The same Republican establishment leeches that Trump was elected to clean the swamp of are now his biggest supporters and without a doubt they will disown him when he is no longer is popular.

    While maintaining a political structure that guarantees liberty we get to choose our own destiny and only when it is secured by discussion, persuasion and compromise is every citizen a ruler and every citizen ruled.

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