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“Here’s Who Can’t Own a Gun Under New Senate Bill”

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I read the above title on and immediately the breath caught in my throat. Here’s who can’t own a gun under a new federal bill? Boy, the government’s getting brazen, isn’t it?

I talked in a previous article about the fact that any legislation on guns is highly unconstitutional, regardless of the Second Amendment, because Article 1, Section 8 of our Constitution doesn’t enumerate such a power to the federal government. Hence, any law outside those confines enumerated to the government comes from nowhere and is therefore arbitrary, limitless and unconfined.

Yet, as the employers of government, we tend not to look at our government through the lens of an employee with specific and limited powers, but rather as an employee that can do most anything EXCEPT touch a few “rights” we’ve deemed untouchable. This is the difference between judging government behavior according to the CONSTITUTION and judging it according to the BILL OF RIGHTS. The difference is significant.

Sadly, because most of us have only judged government behavior according to the Bill of Rights, government has been able to run roughshod through the Constitution, doing whatever it wills, no matter how arbitrary because its operating in our blind spot as long as it’s staying away from the Bill of Rights.

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I’ve always said though that when those in government are bold enough to start legislating on laws that violate the Bill of Rights, they’ve effectively destroyed the Constitution and have nothing to limit their power anymore.

This law is not about guns, it’s about power. If our federal government can pass a bill declaring who can or can’t own a gun, they have taken hold of power they do not have. The power to make such a law is non-existent in their job description and therefore is completely arbitrary and if they can take hold of this power they can take hold of any power.

So I ask, why not limit everyone’s ability to own a gun. If they can limit some they can limit all. This is how arbitrary power functions. It’s arbitrary, based on the will and whim of whoever is in power at the moment, not attached to any outside standard

Again, this is not about guns. If they can take power they don’t have here, why can’t they pass laws that would limit one’s free speech, or eliminate the right to a fair and speedy trial? What’s the difference?.

Well, right now, emotions and the zeitgeist are the tragic and dangerous difference.

The key point I want to make in this article is this: crises and emotions are dangerous and wicked tools for government.

I’m pleading with everyone, liberals and conservatives alike: do not be hoodwinked.

Had this gun control bill been introduced a little over a month ago, it likely would not have advanced this far. But no government ever wastes a good crisis–consider as well the alarming behavior of the police in the Uvalde shooting. Some may say that government never hesitates to create a good crisis either. At the very least, conspiracies aside, as Americans, we should never stop being suspicious of our governmentand our government is no exception. It would do us good to remember this and to stop being so idealistic about our government’s motivations.

Americans are skeptical of everything from corporate fraud/abuse to police corruption to media lies so why would we not question the hearts and motives of government after an emotional crisis? Do we really believe in their goodwill so fervently and blindly?

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If we are alert, aware and skeptical, then we should should never condone or push government into making a weighty and monumental decisions when emotions are high — that’s exactly why we have a government cumbered by so many obstacles for action. The framers knew just how foolish the citizenry can be in a moment of irrational and emotional rage. Friends, how many citizenries have forfeited their lives and liberties willingly to government as a result of such emotional highs?

That’s the tragedy of it. The citizenry forfeited liberty… it wasn’t taken from them forcefully by government, but willingly handed over in the heat of the moment. It’s not until years later when the zeitgeist has passed that the citizenry must look back in horror at their own choices, but with no recourse in sight.

I could spend a while giving you the answers to the “why” behind the Second Amendment and the “why” behind the fact that the Constitution does not give the federal government any power to regulate “arms”. I will write that article soon because it’s necessary, but, for now, I simply want to draw attention to the painful connection that exists between an event of horror and the immediate legislation to follow.

Government is using you America. It’s using you to reach its own goals and its own power and not just with this bill. Don’t be so blind and foolish as to think they truly have your best interest at heart. I appeal to all Americans on the left and the right, step back, pause a moment before barreling forward with support for any legislation. Consider the consequences. Consider the Constitution and what happens when government’s arbitrary power grows more brash. These are no small decisions. The choices our government makes now will affect generations to follow. Be skeptical of your government.

Because, I ask, and be honest: since when has blindly following government’s lead gone well for any nation, ever?

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