A Few Rapid Responses to Some Typical (and Atypical) Feminist Arguments

So, last week I introduced y’all to some of the various and disturbing theories of feminism, which, if you read, most likely has taken a week to really digest. Today, I want to spend some time offering a bit of my own commentary on some arguments that the less educated feminists and liberals today like to make.

First, let me start out by saying that feminism irks me more than most other political theories. I think that’s because it is presented as such a sensitive, kindhearted “ism”, when, in reality, it is not. Plus, maybe it irks me more because it takes my gender and uses it as a tool for appalling beliefs like the ones I presented to y’all last week.

Rapid Reactions

I’m going to try my hand at a short write up today. I want to provide some easy reads sometimes, ones you can open and finish in 5-10 minutes.

So, here are some rapid reactions to some of the major modern day feminist arguments. I will give a few points that feminists—or random women and the media—make, and then respond.

  1. Women are oppressed because they haven’t had the right to work as men have.

    • Essentially, this form of oppression can be put this way: any individual that is socially or politically prevented from doing something that others in society can do should be deemed oppressed.

    • By their own logic then, men should also be considered oppressed.

    • Why? Because all men have been socially and politically expected to always work and never be at home. Men have never had the option to not work, to not fight/die in wars, to not provide for the family and the like. Women complain about the right to work but what about the right to not work?

  2. White women can’t understand what women of other races are dealing with, so feminism must acknowledge all layers of oppression. Example quote: “Although Hispanics have to participate in the Anglo-world, Anglo’s do not have to participate in the Hispanic world” (7). (i.e. Hispanic women in America are more oppressed than white women because of this)

    • Perhaps in America, but not in Latin American or Hispanic countries.

    • American was founded by England, so it is primarily Anglo. Latin (and to a degree South) America was founded primarily by Spain so it is primarily Hispanic. If a white woman lived in Latin America, she’d have to participate in the Hispanic-world.

    • Seriously, are they really this dense?

  3. Marxist feminists “insist women’s oppression originated in the introduction of private property, an institution that obliterated whatever equality of community humans had previously enjoyed.” (4).

    • False. Prior to the idea of private property everyone was “oppressed”—well, except maybe the King.

    • The introduction of private property led to individuals beginning to take to the idea that individuals (women and men alike) had rights and liberty.

    • Without private property there is no ownership over anything and therefore no liberty. If we individually own nothing (communal ownership), we have no discretion on how to do or use anything—-therefore, we cannot own nothing and also be truly free at the same time.

  4. Women get paid less than men.

    • The grand caveat to this is that most women get paid less because they work different jobs than men and therefore on average get paid less. This does not mean that a man and a woman who work the same exact position get paid different amounts (although if this happened, so be it).

    • But even actresses have come out and said they get paid less for starring roles than their male co-stars!

      • Eye roll. My initial response to this is to question how much money male movie stars bring in when compared to how much money female movie stars bring in. If it’s true that male movie stars bring in far more money than female movie stars, then they are simply getting paid according to what they’re worth. You know that the whole story is not being presented in these types of arguments.

    • Also, men disproportionately work the more dangerous jobs. Please DO pay them more! Don’t believe me? Check out this article that discusses how men are 10 times more likely to die on the job than women.

      • Men do the fishing, logging, roofing, coal mining, electrical power repairing, and the list goes on.

      • Tell me again why and how women are so oppressed for having not been “allowed” to work in these fields?

  5. Women are under-represented in politics

    • Women are underrepresented in politics because women do not want to be in politics. Fewer women run in elections and therefore fewer women win.

    • When a woman does run she is just as likely to win her seat as her male counterparts.

      • Remember this fact the next time someone wants to say the reason Hillary didn’t win was because she was a woman.

  6. Men Physically Abuse Women

    1. True. But guess what, more men are victims of physical abuse by an intimate partner than women. See for yourself.

A Few Thoughts

I could go on and on. These little jabs that people are always throwing around in daily conversation are simply not even logical and drive me nuts.

One new “female power” argument I heard recently was this: “Female basketball players don’t get paid as much as male basketball players and that’s just not fair!”. I’m sorry, but the male basketball industry brings in far more money than the female basketball industry, thus warranting the pay the males get and not warranting it for females. Figure out a way to make female basketball more entertaining and the pay will increase.

The arguments listed above are all arguments of the irrational and emotional mob, meant to push and justify a much more dangerous agenda to the American public. Get the uneducated to believe these little lies, and the next thing you know, they are going with all the mess that I discussed in my post last week.

Also, I’m tired of American society being so anti-men. Men have done wonders for this country and this world and no one ever steps back to thank them. No one considers that it’s the men who have fought and died in every war throughout history. It is men who run to the protection of others when they are in need. It is men who hold up some of the most important but dangerous parts of our economy. Have we ever heard them complaining about how they’ve never been given the right to not do these things?!


Instead, it’s the women who get to complain about how they have not been allowed to do whatever they want in the work place…while still avoiding many of the jobs they so adamantly said they wanted and yet never took when given the option.


As you can likely see, I haven’t even begun to respond to all of the ridiculous ideas I presented in my last article on feminism. I’d rather leave you all with a few quick facts to turn to the next time some loudmouthed feminist starts raging and frothing at the mouth about how oppressed she is. Facts don’t lie and sometimes people just need a two by four of facts to the head to get a clue.

This may be obvious but there is a much more sinister goal afoot and stopping these little lies can pay big dividends in the long run for stopping the big lies.

The Liberty Belle

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