The Solution? Constitutionalism

For today’s post, I challenge you to remove yourself from the emotions of everything going on. I think stepping back for a moment will enable you to better hear what I’m going to say.

Many Americans are scared. Conservatives are scared because they feel they are living in the shadow of an impending Marxist communist take over. Liberals are scared because they fear a racist militarized police state and racist system stacked against them. Everyone is scared or angry for one reason or another. And both sides have legitimate claims.

Yes, both sides have legitimate claims.

This is might be hard for many on the right to swallow but we have to learn to swallow it if we want to see the United States saved. The greatest enemy we face today is not the Marxist Liberal Progressive Left.

The greatest enemy we face today is a corrupt government that passes unconstitutional laws, abuses their power and daily violates our rights.

And guess what? The reasonable people on the left (not the mindless sheep who have no clue that there even is a problem, rioting, looting and breaking laws but the ones who have personally experienced the unconstitutional force of government) and the right agree on this. The problem is, only one side is openly acknowledging the problems and offering a solution.

The solution? Marxism.

So, let’s get this straight. The Marxist left and their arguments are not our primary enemy or problem to be solved. The Marxist Left has always been around and will always be around. They are always the enemy. Today they are simply hijacking the frustration and pain of ignorant individuals who have been mistreated by government in someway. Marxism grabs hold of injustice, amplifies it, propagates it and uses it to justify removal of the traditional American government for something completely different…communism.

So realize this. The problems, the injustices, that are somehow causing some Americans to feel abused and misused by the government, are the result of an overblown, over powerful, unconstitutional legislature that has written far too many unconstitutional laws. Therefore, if we, American citizens who love liberty, were to remedy the consequences of such unconstitutional laws, there would be no emotional “injustice” for the Marxist left to use to justify communism in the U.S.

Get that?

We need to attack the root of the problem. We don’t need to attack the hijacker. Marxism and communism are always going to be lurking in the shadows waiting to see when they can pounce and eliminate the American government. The problem is that the American government has given them far too much ammunition to work with and we’re offering no legitimate solution to it. So, the more angry we get at the Marxists, while ignoring the unconstitutional government, the more we push the left away from us and towards marxism.

That my friends, is why, we, as American citizens (not conservatives, not liberals, not Republicans or Democrats) must start looking at the injustices the left is complaining about. What are the injustices that the Marxists are now able to take advantage of and manipulate?

Let’s look at some of the left’s loudest claims. They claim that the police are immune from the law, can do what they want, and abuse their power.

Well, is this true? Instead of immediately shutting down this argument, why don’t we pause a second and consider what they are saying. Remember, we’re fighting to preserve American liberty and avoid a tyrannical police state as well. We should be able to see and hear what other Americans are legitimately saying.

Why? Because if we can come in, acknowledge the injustices and the pain and then offer rational, Constitutional solutions, guess what? We’d be hearing their arguments and solving their problems all in one fell swoop. What then happens to the Marxists and their ideals? They aren’t needed anymore.

So, let’s get back to my question. Is there anything legitimate about the claim that the police are immune to the law or can and do abuse their power?


No question here. The courts, as well as the legislature, have given the police far more power than they were Constitutionally allowed to have. Consider the frequent use of civil asset forfeiture. How about the increasing use of no-knock warrants? What about the increased police force used to shut down restaurants or businesses for not complying with COVID regulations? What about the fact that police are protected under qualified immunity (they can’t be held accountable for violating someone’s Constitutional rights when performing their duties “reasonably”.)?

If you’ve been reading my amendments series you will have realized that many of the “rights” promised by the Bill of Rights, such as a right to one’s own home, a right against unlawful search and seizure, and a right to a trial by jury, have been and are continually being violated by the justice system. So much so that some of the amendments have little to no power.

THAT is a legitimate problem. We can agree with the left about these problems and explain that the Marxist solution is not the solution they need. The solution is the actual enforcement of the Constitution as written. In other words, the problem is not the Constitution or America, the problem is corrupt people violating the Constitution and American ideals—-while pretending to follow and respect them.

So, yes, there are major problems with our government and the enforcement of our laws. The primary issue is that most of our laws are unconstitutional, which makes most of the actions of the police unconstitutional. We must stop immediately shutting anyone down for expressing real legitimate fear of abuse. What if they have experienced abuse by police who’ve used the no-knock warrant on them and people who love liberty and America shut them down and say the system is perfect? Guess what happens? We drive a wedge between us, all things American, and them and then they have no alternative but to turn to the one other solution being offered: marxism.

What if, instead, we did hear them out and realized, “Oh, we’re really on the same page here. I don’t want an abusive unconstitutional government and neither do you. So, we need to figure out a way to hold our police and our government accountable to the Constitution. Let’s start doing that by first respecting the constitution and call out unconstitutional behavior for what it is.”

In our frustration and anger over what we’re seeing on the streets in America, we can forget some of the basic principles of the American government. Madison said that if men were angels, they wouldn’t need government. Such a true statement. Then he said if government were angels we wouldn’t need checks and balances. You see, government needs something to govern government. That means the politicians, the bureaucrats and all law enforcement. Since the Constitution has lost much of its power, guess who governs all of these individuals in government now?

No one.

And that, my friends, is the real problem. That is what many on the left are angry about, even if they don’t know it. Ironically, what they don’t realize, is that many on the right are also angry about the same thing.


A doctor in psychology said this on twitter the other day: “I’ve… heard from multiple people that there are academics who are petitioning the APA to prevent republicans from practicing and denying licensure to both republicans and people connected with law enforcement. This is the world we are living in.”

The Marxist left, which is still a small portion of the left who are indeed attempting to hijack the injustices the left is troubled by, is trying their darnedest to shut out the voices in the “right” by painting us as heartless, racist, government lovers. And guess what? We give them a lot of ammunition to work with. We shove our fellow Americans on the left—who really don’t know what’s going on but are troubled by any injustice they do experience and see—closer to Marxism every time we refuse to acknowledge actual problems and offer real and Constitutional solutions. Instead, we shut the legitimate concerns down along with the illegitimate concerns, feeding right into the Marxist left’s goal. So, the marxist extremists are doing a good job of making the right look like heartless haters because we refuse to actually listen and step in with real solutions.

So, my challenge to y’all, my readers, is simple, albeit harder to swallow. Don’t immediately shut down the complaints of your leftist friends and family. Instead, try something new. Try treating them as Americans on the same page as you. Listen to them. Say you’ll research the crimes and injustices they are alleging, and if you find any truth to them, acknowledge it and then explain that there’s a much better solution than Marxism.

The solution? Constitutionalism.

The Liberty Belle

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  1. Makes sense.I think of myself as a Constitutionalist…if such a thing exists.Very well presented. Thankyou.Lot of fear going on right now. You are right that corruption and the violations of the constitution are the root.

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