Two Questions About Government and the Coronavirus

Since I do have less time these few finals weeks, I’m thinking through what to write about.

And today, I just want to ask two simple questions. Do you believe that those in power—politicians, mayors, governors—have your best interest at heart? And is it government’s job to protect the people from disease and sickness?

Because our governments sure want us to believe that it is and that they have our best interest at heart,

Mayor de Blasio, mayor New York City, said: “Now it is easier than ever, when you see a crowd, when you see a line that’s not distanced, when you see a supermarket that’s too crowded — anything — you can report it right away so we can get help there to fix the problem.”

He then said.

“It’s about saving lives…Sending that photo in is gonna help make sure that people are kept apart, and that’s going to stop the disease from spreading. And that’s gonna save lives.”

I don’t care if he was Republican, Independent or Democrat, power always has, always does and will corrupt. Does he really care about people so badly that he gets frustrated and emotional when they get too close to each other, or don’t stay locked up in their houses? Are he or any of these politicians really looking for something to end their power splurge?


Please don’t believe otherwise. Because they don’t care about you when they threaten to put you in jail for not wearing a mask, or opening your store, or buying a non-essential item or the like.

What are the markers? The distinct indicators that would allow them and us to know that we’re good to go? Because, up until this fiasco, everyone knew the risks of life. We go out and about around other people and we might get sick. We may even die from whatever we get sick from.

So, where are they drawing the line? What specific criteria has to be met for them to re-open? Because without that, it’s hard to buy into the legitimacy of anything they are doing and this new way of living will go on forever. Sickness and its potential spread will never end. Humanity has and always will be threatened by sickness. No amount of government control will ever prevent or stop the spread of disease.

Which leads to the next question. Is it even government’s job to stop or prevent the spread of disease because last I checked, being healthy and avoiding sickness is not a natural right that government was ever intended to protect.

When did American’s expectations of government change? Did this type of lock-down occur during the Spanish flu? Doubtful.

I’ll just spell this out plainly. Based upon the political theory that the United States was founded upon, it was never government’s job to violate property rights in order to prevent the spread of disease.

Property rights were and are the fundamental reason for the existence of government in the United States.

It may seem callous but we always need to go back to our foundational and core beliefs. Why government?

The answer to that solves almost all of our other problems.

Unfortunately today, people’s answer to “why government” has expanded far beyond what our great liberal ancestors would have answered and those in power know this and will abuse it as long as they possibly can…NOT…to protect you but to protect their power.

Please, these politicians don’t want what’s best for you. Never have, never will.

Let government do what government was created to do, and we the people can figure out the rest.

The Liberty Belle

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