What Is the Coronavirus Agenda?

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I wrote this post almost two years ago at the start of the whole pandemic, April of 2020 to be exact. It’s fascinating to read in today’s context. We’ve now seen two weeks turn into two years and a potential millennia. You should know what the Constitution says about the different levels of power and that relates to issues like the coronavirus, so I’m going to give you a bit more theoretical musing today than history or education. But, all my musing is built on history and education.

Our government was founded on the assumption that human nature was and is ambitious, corrupt and power hungry. Since when did we forget that? Since when did we start idolizing government and assuming that it has only good in mind for us, when no one in the founding era would ever have been found guilty of such a belief in government.

So, with that in mind… re-read this post from April of 2020 in the context of today’s governments and the power they continue to consume.

I confess, I’m rather perplexed by the way the world is treating the coronavirus. Let me know if y’all are experiencing something different, but to me, it feels like governments, the media and the world at large like the coronavirus, the related drama and are going to great lengths to keep its prevalence, extremity and influence high.

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Am I missing something?

Based on theory—that has proven reality numerous times—humanity is selfish and self-absorbed. Please, show me all the evidence to prove otherwise. So, based upon that theoretical assumption, it makes sense that I am even more skeptical of all the whining and moaning coming from the media and politicians today about the coronavirus and the subsequent economic fallout.

My gut says this. None of them care about us. Not one single person in the media or in politics truly care about my well-being. They care about themselves and their agenda—whatever agenda that may be.

Which begs the question. What is the “agenda” behind pushing and shoving the “gravity” of the coronavirus down our throats, wailing about the struggling economy (due completely to the very people wailing about it), and shooting down any dissenting opinions to the overall mob mentality that is the coronavirus panic?

What about a medicinal cure? Why doesn’t the media, nor many of the politicians, seem to want a cure? Some countries, based upon quite a few sources, are largely improving because of a willingness to explore and use certain medicines.

Who knows what to believe here, but why not try everything? It’s as if the mere fact that our current president [at the time, Trump…vaccine anyone?] suggested something is enough to beat it to a pulp before ever giving it a fair chance. What if certain medicines could save lives, but the political agenda of the politicians and media doesn’t align with a successful cure so they discount any potential cure that begins to threaten that agenda? In this case, they are literally and intentionally wanting and OK with people dying to further their agenda.


So, really what is the agenda? Because these media pundits, corporations and politicians aren’t that good-hearted and sympathetic towards the average American’s plight in this whole ordeal. And Americans who think they are, are pitifully naive.

Everyone of these politicians, corporations and media talking heads are out to do something for themselves and the more I watch them push the extremity of the coronavirus the more I get skeptical of the extremity of the coronavirus. If they were telling me that it was nothing at all, I might begin to believe the opposite.

Since they are shoving down my throat just how bad the virus is, I have to contemplate why they want me to believe in its severity so badly that even rational thought or conversation that may hint at the contrary is shot down. Hint: You always know there’s something wrong when opposing views are dismissed before even being considered or given a fair chance.

Here’s the other theoretical truth about humanity. People love power. People love having control over their own lives and the lives of others.

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Think about how much control and power the media now wield over the psyche of the American public. It’s staggering. And they can turn American’s emotions and overall impression of the world at their will. Just show certain stories but not others. Always focus on the negative rather than the positive. Continually post about the number of deaths and sicknesses rather than the number of recoveries (what if they posted the number of people who died daily of the flu, heart disease, cancer, other viruses, car accidents etc? We’d never want to go do anything…ever!). And guess what people are doing while they are stuck at home during this “crisis”? Watching the news at greater and higher numbers than ever before.

But those in the media love and care about us and want this crisis to end… right?

Really now?

And take a look at what state governments are doing. They are closing businesses that don’t bring them money, but keeping open businesses that do. Are they really concerned about our health or about keeping money and keeping their newfound powers?

The people have allowed their state governments to take more power than ever before—all in the name of safety—but has anyone stopped to consider if in fact the state government’s agenda truly is our safety? Why do we assume it is? Based upon much theory of human nature and governments, we shouldn’t assume so…so why do we now?


Check out this simple yet brilliant blog post entitled “It’s Not About Your Health”

Which again…begs the question. If it’s not about our health, what is it about?

That’s what we all need to be deeply and actively pursuing to find out. We know power, we know control, but in what specific ways, and for how long? What is the ultimate end goal here?

Let’s go America. We don’t have time to waste. Don’t assume anyone is looking out for your good. That’s why we have a Constitution. You need to fight to keep the right to look after your own good for yourself, via our Constitution—because history has shown, no government ever really does.

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  1. Yes , I do agree government will hold onto COVID as long as they can , both parties use it to gain power [ have people rely on government ] plus many cronies are making a lot of money on their unconstitutional new powers.

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