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The Constitution Demystified: American Police, Liberty and Arbitrary Power

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Well friends, the title of this article is the working title of my next book publication. It’s already in the works and is coming along. I’ve been greatly inspired to dive more deeply into the realm of police power in America and therefore plan to give you an actual book detailing how the American police force, the Constitution, liberty and arbitrary power all meld.

I’ve discovered over time, and through research, that the education and the mindset of our police is of upmost importance. Why? Because, fundamentally, all oppressive regimes rely exclusively on the obedience and deference of their law enforcement/military to make and keep their regime a reality.

Think about it. What oppressive regime (I’m intentionally being vague here because oppressive regimes have come in all shapes and sizes. Oppression and tyranny is not exclusive to Germany or Russia) in history has ever successfully controlled their people without a force of agents, officers, or informers to give arms and hands to those in power? Truly consider this. How well would Stalin’s regime have functioned without his infamous KGB officers to make his idea a reality? How could any English King have beheaded his wives without people to follow orders and do it? How well would the Spanish Inquisition have worked without an army of “officers” to round up any and all dissidents? What of Rome? Germany? China? Cambodia? France? The many South American dictators who have come and gone? The point is, ALL oppressive regimes relied on someone to do the dirty work of the regime in charge.

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Consider the reverse? What oppressive regime could function with a body of law enforcement officers set on protecting the people from that very government? What does a leader, bent on destroying liberty, do, when those he relies on to make his power reality are bent on protecting liberty?

This, my friends, is why the founders of this nation, trembled at the thought of a standing army and refused to even give a single thought to the idea that the federal government should have the power of the police under their control. Police and law enforcement were left in the hands of the local municipalities, counties and states—with reason. It’s much harder to use these law enforcement agents as oppressors if they are all subject to different heads of power. Furthermore, ambition is made to counteract ambition by giving every state, municipality and county the incentive to fight for their own power in their own realms.

AND on top of this, the founders made SURE that all government officials swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution before anything else. Why? Because those in power must realize from the moment they take office, that they are not the final source of authority, the Constitution is. Now, they must fight defend the people from themselves by fighting to maintain the authority and integrity of the one document that protects the people from themselves.

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The role of law enforcement has SUCH a critical role in this nation and the mindset of those in law enforcement will truly make or break liberty.

Consider this. If law enforcement officers in America, collectively, thirsted for power, hated liberty and wanted to abuse, what would happen? Well, likely many of them could do just that to a certain extent… but, ultimately, if they went too far, the citizenry could appeal to the higher levels of government to step in and protect them from these unconstitutional and unlawful officers. Now imagine the reverse. What happens when the higher levels of government are, collectively, thirsting for power, hating liberty and abusing the people? Who stops them? What stops them? There’s no where else to go if we appeal to the Constitution and government refuses to listen.

At this point, there are two scenarios.

One: the police are already on board with this mindset and philosophy to begin with and now they just got let off their leash.

Two: the police are full of liberty loving, Constitution reverencing officers, set on protecting the citizenry from such a government and suddenly this unhinged government has hit its greatest roadblock.

With this upcoming book, I hope to carefully unravel for you the intricacies of this critical, and hitherto overlooked, arm of government.

The Liberty Belle

15 thoughts on “The Constitution Demystified: American Police, Liberty and Arbitrary Power”

  1. Chris ,excellent posting today , I am looking forward to the book . Monday in my “””individual “” capacity as not to infinge on our county sheriff’s office I gave them a disc the “” silencing of God “” from the constitution, declaration of Independence , and copies of oaths of office for our county officers. , Michigan Article XI sec 1 , road board MCL 224.7 ,and tossed in U S Article VI sec 3 , even our first presidents inaugural speeches were full of GOD ,providence , and higher authorities being GOD again , with out this many lose their way for arbitrary authority over the majority of Crawford County, Michigan ,or out right greed and no longer know right from wrong . I hope this does not impede your web–site comments section .Thanks for all your work , you are the talk of town up here among 3 churches ,now some in law enforcement , and they have heard your name by those giving invocations before the pledge on meeting days . Have your heard from BOB MANDEVILLE ?

    1. C. McMasters Ph.D.

      Thanks for the comments Ron! I haven’t heard from him in a bit. He sometimes doesn’t post for a while though.

      Tell me again what state you’re in? I’m encouraged to hear so many are reading my stuff! If y’all are ever interested in bringing me up to speak for you, let me know 🙂

      1. I did not want to impede your blog , with the “silencing of God ” just two things before I take off 1) excellent 2) excellent. That’s two with Pastor Phil , I listened to you did with him in the past. Why we need government, social contracts , so we might be on the same page ? You would do a seminar for church groups ? Actually it is Federalist # 51 ? , Thanks again !

  2. Michigan , 45 minutes south of the Mackinaw Bridge. Yes we have thought about a seminar by you. , trying to get some money up , it would be great. For sure two county officers here. One up near Traverse City , one in Battle Creek , 3 churches know without the constitution we would be without our rights , and local law enforcement really took everything eagerly! Thanks again.

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  4. Bob Manderville

    Hello! I’m alive and reasonably well here. The reason I haven’t posted lately was I have a rule I try to follow where if I don’t have anything worthwhile to add to the conversation to keep my mouth shut and LISTEN and LEARN. I have found it usually works well for me.

    Your book project sounds like the “other things in the works” you spoke of a while back. I’m sure you will tackle it with all the intensity and professionalism you do with your blog. I don’t envy the scope of the project you are about to attempt however.

    I don’t know when or how the right has gotten so far away from it’s “LAW and ORDER” stance but yes “All oppressive regimes relied on someone to do the dirty work of the regime in charge” but that is a broad paint brush you are using to paint a picture between democracy and tyranny. Neither English kings beheading their queen, the Spanish inquisition nor South American dictators involved a Democracy no less a Constitution, which would make it easier for reprisal or rewards to dictate their actions.

    I’m hoping your paint brush would also cover the attacking the police trying to do their job protecting the Capital on January 6th or citizens committing deadly violence by assuming police work on their own volition as happened in Wisconsin. That it would cover the lawless BLM riots of 2020.

    You close asking to imagine the reverse where “Higher levels of government are collectively thirsting for power, hating liberty and abusing the people. Who stops them? What stops them?” I suggest we have reached that point already where our elected officials on the state and federal level thirst for power and abuse the people right to vote etc. I suggest the head of the snake is the two party system not law enforcement. It is the elected officials who create the atmosphere that both the police and public takes.

  5. Bob Manderville

    The real political fault line is between competing establishments and elites — one on the left, the other on the right. The political class encourages us to be ideologues because ideology doesn’t just guide what you think, but makes demands on what you should think. We’ve become accustomed to dealing with party managed politicians—men and women who sometimes act more like messaging machines than leaders or legislators. We’ve become accustomed to moral cowardice where in the absence of accessible truth and persuasion, citizens turn to defamation and intimidation. In the absence of a shared reality and principled debate, politics becomes a measure of raw power. In the absence of a moral respect for truth, character matters for nothing and demagogues are granted every advantage. It’s not that we’re even experiencing a political class full of ordinary people in extraordinary times, but rather too often it seems as if they’re small people, who shrink even smaller the bigger the moment. These are the reasons why public trust collapses and why angry cynicism grips our country. There are exceptions, but they’re few.


    1. Well said Bob , Finally after a mass “”constitutional crisis “” up here , I had an excellent meeting with our county sheriff , your statements today , primarily “” In the absence of a MORAL respect for the truth “” as I explained the oath of office , he really listened , I added as I did with Chris’s excellent work today , without we will lose our MORALS ,and not know RIGHT from WRONG. Ending our meeting with their ( confused messaging) one day they are a department then an office , well the sheriff’s is an OFFICE , not a department of local big government operators . Have you ever seen a reply by a Charlie Anderson ? Wow , Tuesday night he spent three hours about Chris and Bob saying Chris always “” got it right and gets it right “” and always looking for Bob ‘s well articulated and NON–BIAS replys , as said , “”A PLAGUE ON BOTH OF THEIR HOUSES “” ! Charlie already read your comments tonight , he is trying to get us some funds for Chris to come up and put on a constitutional seminar with a Q&A , !

    2. The elites demanding what we think. 1) they ASK in unusual way 2) they TELL you 3) they MAKE “”force”” you ! ?

  6. How about a look at victimization? How should a citizen understand the roles of all the different policing agencies when the overarching government (federal, state or local) that imposes arrest capabilities can also declare themselves as the victim (plaintiff) to serve the public by prosecuting an alleged criminal?
    Ultimately, can the government be a true victim if the only de jour victim is proclaimed by them in statute, and then enforced by them as well?

  7. With the ever-pressing push towards a unified social ideology at the national level, where does individual liberty stop and enforcement begin? If anyone can claim victimization under an ever-increasing, ever-evolving protected class status (even if one can only self-identify), what is to stop the system from failing at the enforcement level once everyone can identify in a protected class? Could it ever be that every criminal and civil case rise to the Supreme Court level?

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