Corporations Feeding Off the Coronavirus

The coronavirus and everything about it has been irking me more than normal recently. One of the key elements that is irking more than others is just how much big business and government want us to believe that they have our best interest at heart, when all the while, they are profiting off of the coronavirus hysteria.

How can we and why would we believe anything anyone in government or corporations say if it is in their best interest for the coronavirus to continue—for it to be lethal and require continued “lockdowns”?

I’ve discussed why and how government profits from the coronavirus, watch this video if you need a refresher. Long story short: government always grows in power when there is a crisis.

BUT government is not the only entity profiting off of the coronavirus pandemic.

Corporate Profits Have Skyrocketed

Per one source: “400 million jobs have already been lost and the International Labour Organisation estimates that more than 430 million small enterprises are at risk. 

Meanwhile, the protection given to shareholders has fuelled a share price boom. The top 100 stock market winners have added more than $3 trillion to their market value since the pandemic. As a result, the 25 richest billionaires have increased their wealth by staggering amounts. Jeff Bezos could personally pay each of Amazon’s 876,000 employees a one-time $105,000 bonus today and still be as wealthy as he was at the beginning of the pandemic.

According to the Business Insider: “When you add up the numbers, billionaires in the United States have increased their total net worth $637 billion during the COVID-19 pandemic so far.”

Now, government and corporations are working together for this. The U.S. government has consistently given tax breaks or provided stimulus packages to massive corporations at the expense of small and local businesses. Even the recent CARES Act, which was intended to help the average, “every day man”, ended up profiting big businesses rather than small businesses. The Business Insider article says: “The Small Business Administration made $349 billion available to small businesses with the Paycheck Protection Program. But like in 2008, $243 million of that was snatched up by large, publicly traded corporations, some of which were valued at over $100 million. Even hedge funds submitted claims to try to tap into what they saw as free money.”

Local businesses are suffocating under the weight of government mandates, closures and shut downs while large corporations are deemed “essential” and given millions of dollars to stay open. And this is happening all in the name of “the common good” and the “protection of the American citizenry”. Frankly, some could say it is pure evil. It’s pure evil to perpetuate a sickness, economic hardships and government shutdowns because it benefits one’s bottom line or increases one’s power. And yet that is what government and major corporations are doing.

It’s infuriating.

The Messaging

Perhaps even more infuriating is the way that all these businesses pretend like they care about the common man and care about our “health”. Watch the commercials. What do you see? Coronavirus everywhere. It’s like big business couldn’t make the coronavirus pandemic the new normal fast enough. Commercials showing people with masks, staying home in perfect little houses with their perfectly happy families doing work from home all normalize and promote the continued existence of the virus paranoia — and the continued growth of their bottom line. These promotions are not working to end the virus or “promote” protection. No, they are meant to do one thing: increase profit.

These entities will push and prolong this coronavirus pandemonia as long as they possibly can because they are feeding off it. Amazon? Loving it. Walmart? Couldn’t be happier. And the list keeps going and going. All the while the local businesses are told they are not essential and must either shut down or be open at limited capacity.

It’s absurd and this is something that both Democrats and Republicans alike should agree upon. This is not a partisan thing. Republicans, especially, need to hold their elected officials accountable since many times Republican policies favor these massive corporations at the expense of the local and small businesses.


All Americans need to stop buying into the messaging. When businesses push the coronavirus, as if they truly care about us, we should see right through their charade and realize that it is in their best interest for the lockdowns to continue. They will keep feeding off of the blood of the small businesses while acting like they are truly concerned for the health of Americans.

Friends, NO.

Sometimes I want to grab the collars of my fellow Americans and shake them into sense. Do they not see that the government and big business is profiting off of the suffering of others?

This is why I don’t believe a word the government or corporations say about the coronavirus. It is in their best interest to keep this thing going and going until it has completely killed real capitalism and ushered in socialism.

This is why I have a hard time wearing a mask. This is why I want to role my eyes when people talk about COVID “prevention measures”. It’s not because sickness isn’t important, it’s because we’re basing our decisions off of information given to us by people who benefit off of the continued presence of this sickness.

I’m tired of it.

Are you?

The Liberty Belle

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