The Solution to Election Fraud? Apparently, Ignore It

Try something. Type “election fraud and the courts” into google and see what you find. You’ll see a bunch of articles discussing a bunch of attempted court cases to review the legitimacy of the past election. You’ll see that almost every single one of these appeals was shot down by the courts. In fact, of the 57 cases filed to various courts, 50 of them were struck down before ever being heard.

I don’t know about you, but my personal take on this is simple: it’s quite fishy.

Why not hear the case? At least all of the accusations made against Trump and his election win were heard either in court or in Congress. At least the portion of the country that felt that the election had been stolen were given the validation of an investigation.

I’m troubled by the fact that time after time states and individuals have been shot down by courts around the country for one reason or another. What does it hurt to try the case? If there is nothing to substantiate the claims of election fraud then there is nothing to substantiate the claims and a fair trial will expose this.

I don’t talk a whole lot about this subject but I’m concerned. I’m concerned about the precedent this election is setting. If there is legitimate concern of election fraud, it should be given a legitimate trial. No, I don’t mean the courts look at the case and reject a hearing all together, I mean, the courts hear the case through, giving each side ample time to present evidence.

One justice, Justice Clement of Michigan, said: “Moreover, I believe it would be irresponsible to continue holding out the possibility of a judicial solution to a dispute that it appears must be resolved politically.”

Why leave such a critical issue to the political realm?

If there is election fraud, ever, in any election, where do such concerned citizens turn if not the courts? The legislatures and the executives are equipped to handle such issues, but in many cases, they do not—which means that concerned citizens must turn to the courts.

It’s as if the courts and those in government believe that Americans will simply shrug and say, “Real election fraud can’t actually happen in America like it does in all other countries”. Further, it’s as if the courts are thinking “if we just ignore the complaints and concerns long enough, it’ll all just blow over.”

Tell me y’all don’t see this happening?


The reality is this: concerns of election fraud may happen again and again. We don’t know. What we do know is that cheating is not new to mankind. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this situation. Please leave comments below.

I’ll end with this. How does this country and government handle the potential of election fraud?

Apparently, it does so by simply ignoring it.

The Liberty Belle

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  1. Robert Ivan Hulsey

    This is the best perspective I have heard on this. The courts are dooming the country to a possible shooting war by not considering these cases.

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