The VP and the Electoral College Vote Counts

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I believe I must address the events happening in Washington D.C. today. I’ll couch them in a little historical context and information for you so that, as you watch the events of today unfold, you have a bit more knowledge on your side.

Today is the day that the Vice-President of the United States counts and announces the electoral votes in front of the House and the Senate. Per the Constitution:

“The President of the Senate shall, in the Presence of the Senate and the House of Representatives, open all the Certificates and the Votes shall then be Counted.” 

The intriguing reality is this: there is no guaranteeing that the Vice-President will open every certificate or count the certificates fairly and justly. There have been plenty of questionable such counting.

John Adams, the then Vice-President, counted his own certificates in the 1796 election and announced himself the winner. No one really knows if this was fairly and truthfully done or not. This was immediately following by Thomas Jefferson, the then Vice-President, counting the certificates of his own election. This particular example has caused more controversy since Georgia’s votes were considered highly suspect. Jefferson counted the Georgia certificates towards him anyway. 

Trump and many other conservative voices are calling for VP Pence to refuse to count the votes from the five states whose votes are still being challenged (Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona). It’s up to the states to guarantee the legitimacy of the votes coming out of their states and therefore it is incumbent upon them to do their due diligence of investigation should others states in the Union have cause for concern.

Here’s the thing. I have no idea what happened in this election. I’m hearing claims of extensive, overt and extreme voter fraud while also hearing reports that there was no fraud at all. Historically, this isn’t a particularly new a thing, however. In fact, the founders likely expected controversial election results, which is why they had so many back up plans for “ties”.

From the Heritage Foundation:

“Contrary to the claims of many liberals, the problem of voter fraud is as old as the country itself. As the U.S. Supreme Court noted when it upheld Indiana’s voter identification law, “flagrant examples” of voter fraud “have been documented throughout this Nation’s history by respected historians and journalists.”

Attempts to commandeer election results have been documented dating back to the 19th century, when New York City’s infamous Tammany Hall was synonymous with political corruption and election fraud. In one New York election 1844, 55,000 votes were recorded even though there were only 41,000 eligible voters. Decades later, these efforts have continued  and determined fraudsters have become only more creative in their efforts to fix the outcome of elections.”

The nature of man is to cheat and lie for what they want. That means that Republicans and Democrats alike are doing this, which leaves the citizenry at the mercy of what we hear and are told.

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I don’t know what is going to happen today. I know it’s the right of Trump supporters to show support for their president and question the validity of the election as much as they want and I know that it is the right of Biden supporters to be frustrated that Trump supporters are doing this and to fight for the validity of the election.

It is NOT the right of any party to harm each other physically or cause bloodshed. It is not the right of the government to violate the Constitution, whether it be this past administration or the upcoming one.

It is the right of all Americans to fight for liberty when they feel it is threatened.

Today a swath of Americans feel that liberty is threatened by an unjust election and potentially dangerous incoming administration. No matter what side of the political spectrum you are on, I encourage you to respect your fellow Americans.

Just as with the founders, the cause for liberty should be a common cause even if we disagree on the method of protecting it.

The Liberty Belle

1 thought on “The VP and the Electoral College Vote Counts”

  1. “The intriguing reality is this: there is no guaranteeing that the Vice President will open every certificate or count the certificates fairly and justly”

    You have just answered your own question concerning why can’t we have an investigation into the election. As Sen. Romney said last night no matter how many times it is investigated you won’t believe the results anyway. You admit you have no idea what happened during the election yet are so obsessed with conspiracy theories that you use alleged instances in history as evidence. You then go on to say “I don’t know what is going to happen today. I know it’s the RIGHT OF TRUMP SUPPORTERS to show their support for their president and QUESTION THE VALIDITY OF THE ELECTION AS MUCH AS THEY WANT…………..” NO IT ISN’T !

    Well you got your seditious insurrection and we are now a Banana Republic. Ideas have consequences and your wisp of accusations with it’s vague disclaimer at the end I find irresponsible beyond belief. Especially for someone who has a Ph D and is instructing students.

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