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One Major Issue With How the News Handles American Politics

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Ok, so, obviously, I could unpack and discuss thousands of issues with the way the news handles American politics, and I’m sure I’ll get around to unpacking a few of those in time, but today I just want to touch on ONE issue I noticed today while pursuing the web’s greatest news platforms.

The issue was this: almost every article title in the politics section starts with “Trump…” or “Biden…”. That’s it. There’s this odd, almost cult-like approach by the media–which is highly partisan one way or the other–around political figures that turns American politics into a cult of personality rather than a healthy functioning representative Constitutional republic. Politics becomes more about the politicians than the people and the laws.

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This is going to be a short post today because I just want to briefly draw attention to this oddity. In other countries, it may be normal to idolize and put extra focus on politicians — especially in governments built around those in power (i.e., monarchical system or despotic systems). However, in America and really any government that has democratic principles, the norm should never be idolizing politicians. In fact, politicians aren’t really the point. The law is the point. Politicians are simply the servants we put in government to provide us a service for a short period of time and then leave.

We the people need law to function as a society. And the government needs law to protect the society from the government. The laws the government creates, and the law, the Constitution, that protects us from the laws the government creates, are what Americans and specifically, the media, should focus on.

We are a nation of laws, not politicians.

The more we focus on the politicians, especially ones who don’t have any real significant legal power over the majority of American laws (i.e. the president), only distorts reality and damages the sanctity of the system of laws the country was created around.

We, the people, need to right the ship, by continuing to bring the discussion back to what actually matters. We are the employers who hire employees in government do a job for us. It’s our job to scrutinize their service to us, punish them if they violate the rules we’ve placed on them (the Constitution) and demand change from the new employees we hire to replace them.

But, of course, this requires a well-informed and dedicated electorate.

Something the media and politicians are hell-bent on preventing.

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